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Technical Characteristics and Advantages of 3D Wall Panels

Technical Characteristics and Advantages of 3D Wall Panels

3D wall panels are a range of inexpensive decorative and textured wall panels that have patterns curved on them. A 3D wall panel can make a big difference in how your walls and house look like. They give the room a nice architectural feel and do not cost a lot of money. Instead of conventional walls with simple painting, you should use Wallrice 3D wall panels

They are cheaper, better looking, and more efficient than you can ever imagine. 3D wall panels tend to give the room a central focal point. This is where all the other elements in the room flow from. Depending on the material used to make them, they can be used both inside and outside for decorations and any other forms of construction. Below are some of the characteristics and advantages of using 3D wall panels.

1.       Light weight

The 3D panels are designed and made to be lightweight but still rigid enough to do the job they are needed for. Their weight allows them to be very easy to handle and install regardless of the situation. They are easy to ferry from one point to another and installing or assembling them does not require too much work force. This considerably reduces operation costs and the general project and costs.

2.       Rapid installation

Research involving a lot of people in the construction industry across the globe carried out in different situations with different workers show that there is a tremendous reduction in the time it takes to realize a project when using 3D panel systems compared to when using traditional systems. This is due to the use of industrial products that optimize the assembling process and as a result reduce the need for construction site personnel to a bare minimum.

3.       Fire resistant

Most 3D wall panels are made from high quality polystyrene foam that are self-extinguishing and therefore safer for you in case of a fire. The 3D panels also have two concrete layers that protect the sides of the panels to prevent it from combusting. The fire resistance quality of the 3D panels have been thoroughly tested in numerous laboratories that comply with the least requirements of the most strict regulations. This makes them preferable to the conventional concrete walls or any other form of decoration.

4.       Earth quake resistance

The 3D panels are subjected to numerous laboratory tests to see how they do against extreme earthquake-like conditions. Real life models have been built and tested in these conditions. The results of the research have shown that the structures can withstand strains greater than some of the strongest earthquakes ever measured without no damage at all. These results prove that the 3D panels can withstand any measure of earthquake and still remain intact therefore making them the most preferable material for construction of any kind. The results have also been tested in real life for years and have not disappointed.

5.       Cyclone resistance

Buildings made from 3D panels are very strong and can withstand the most destructive cyclone without damage. Their capacity to withstand serious cyclones makes them ideal for structures in areas with high risk of cyclones or areas that have frequent cyclone hits. Over the years, houses built from 3D panels have proven without a doubt that the strain and force of cyclones cannot destroy them.

6.       Easy interior decoration

Using Wallrice 3D wall panels can turn simple and dull interiors into dramatic and very spectacular spaces worth spending your time in. Instead of spending thousands of dollars or more on art work, paintings, furniture, and other decorations for the house, you can just get a 3D wall panel with the right design and turn it into the central focal point of the room. With the 3D wall panels as the main feature of the room, decorating it, and generally doing the interior design becomes an easier job. There are several designs and finishes of 3D wall panels in existence. This allows gives you a wide range of products to choose from and create your own personalized and custom wall décor. The 3D wall panels are versatile and can be used in different rooms of the house in different capacities.

7.       Furniture decoration

Apart from being used to create custom wall décor and general interior design, 3D wall panels can also be used to decorate furniture for example cabinets, cabinet doors and doors of entertainment units. You can also use them to give other furniture parts like bed heads, night stands, bed side rails, bars and receptionist desk fronts.

8.       Sound proofing

One of the greatest advantages of 3D panel building system is its ability to be used in soundproofing. The application of acoustic insulation materials with the panels for example fiber and plasterboard makes the insulation of walls optimal. 3D panels offer one of the best and most cost effective forms of insulation.

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