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Wallrice 3D Decorative Wall Panels

Wallrice 3D Decorative Wall Panels

Wallrice 3D decorative wall panels can be installed in tile format adding beautification to the walls.



Wallrice 3d wall panels constitute of high quality PVC and are easy to be affixed on wall with joints properly filled to give a beautiful 3D wall. 

Each textured wall is attractive when it is illuminated with different forms of up and down light.If we want to bring more beauty to these 3D wall panels it can be painted with any normal paint and specialized paint of any color.


Decorating of walls with Wallrice 3D wall panels with exiting decorative design or texture either covers the entire wall or part of it and this will provide extra beauty to home walls. 

3D wall paneling is the best way to bring interior with modern design having brilliant outlook. 

3D wall panel technology is the latest technology and it offers attractive, traditional and home dwelling ideas.Different designs on these panels in three dimensions add extra beauty in its look up.

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