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Frequently Asked Questions Of 3D Wall Panel

Frequently Asked Questions Of 3D Wall Panel

What do I use to fill the tiny gap between panels?


You can use paintable wall filler or paintable caulking available at most hardware store. Just make sure the filler you use does not shrink after it dries and that it is paintable if you plan to paint the panel.



How do I cut the 3D Panel?

To cut the 3D Wall Panel, please use one of the following tools.

1.    The easiest way to cut the panel is to use a heavy duty scissor. You can find this in Home Depot or Lowe's. In general, the bigger the opening of the scissor, the easier it is to cut.

2.    Ruler and utility knife.

With either one of the above method, please make sure to mark where you want to cut before cutting.



Can I install the Wallrice 3D Panel on the curve wall?


Wallrice 3D Panel is made from plastic material. It is flexible and very durable. You can install it around the curve wall as long as the diameter of the curve is more than 120cm.



Can I install Wallrice 3D Panel inside the bathroom?


Wallrice 3D Panel can be installed inside the bathroom. In you want to install it inside the shower stall,  you have to make sure that the gaps between panels are properly sealed to prevent water seepage into the back of the panel. Typically the gap can be sealed with the paintable and waterproof caulking or sealant.



How do I prepare the wall for installation?


You can install the 3d panels with glue or strong double side adhesive, the installation of Wallrice 3D Panel is clean and easy. Before installation, please make sure that the wall is sufficiently smooth, free of dust and debris. The Wallrice 3D Panel will install very securely on most of the wall in the typical home.



Can I install Wallrice 3D Panel outdoor?


Yes, Wallrice 3D Panel is made of plastic material and it is water-proof. We have a lot of customers who use the panel to augment the iron gate, outside wall, patio and etc. Just make sure the installation surface is sufficiently smooth and free of grease and dust.



Can I install Wallrice 3D Panel near the stove or other kind of heat source?


No. Wallrice 3D Panel is made of plastic material. It is not designed to be installed around the uninsulated heat source such as stove.



Can I paint the Wallrice 3D Wall Panel?


The short answer is Yes. You can definitely paint the 3D Wall Panels from Wallrice. Our panels come in matte white color. So all you need to do is to paint it with any color you like. You can also prime it first if you like to give the top coat a more vibrant look. For the top coat, you can use Latex or Oil-based paint. They all work perfectly on our panel.

Alternatively, you can leave the panel as white and use the color lighting to create the color.



Can I hang pictures or something else on the panel?


This depends on a few factors.

1. The weight of the thing you want to hang. - For obvious reason, the heavier the weight, the harder it is to hold it on the panels. If you want to hang picture, you can easily put the nail thru the 3D Panels, The panel is about 1mm thick. If you want to glue something to the panel to hold the decoration, then the weight has to be very light so that it doesn't yank the panel off the wall.

2. How you plan to hang it - If you plan to use the nail, then it is not a problem at all. If you plan to use glue, then the weight has to be very light.

3. How smooth is the wall surface? Depends on what you want to hang on the panel. - If the wall surface where the 3D Panel stick to is very smooth, the glue will hold very well and you can hang heavier stuff on it (if you plan to glue it to the 3D Panel).


 What do we do around the power outlet?


To work around the outlet, here is what we recommend

1.    We recommend cutting the opening that is 1cm larger (all around) than the outlet faceplate to make sure the power adapter will fit in nicely.

2.    Measure and cut the panels according to where the outlet is.

3.    Install the panels around the outlet

4.    To fill the void behind the panel, you can use the wall filler or spackling paste.

5.    Before the spackling paste dries, you can cut off the extra paste and make a nice square box for your outlet.



What is the NRC value of Wallrice 3D Wall Panels?


The NRC value of our 3D Panels is 0.23



What is the fire rating of Wallrice 3D Wall Panels?


The Fire Rating on our 3D Panel is B.



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