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Installation of Wallrice Peel & Stick 3D Wall Panel

Installation of Wallrice Peel & Stick 3D Wall Panel

Wallrice Peel & Stick 3D Wall Panel

Wallrice Peel & Stick 3D wall panel comes with adhesive pre-applied on the back. Simply peel off the protective cover and put it to the wall. It is so simple you can finish the whole living room in one afternoon and surprise your love one at dinner time.


1. Tools and Materials Needed

Cleaning Cloth  |  Pencil  |  Sciccors  |  Utility Knife  |  Paintable Caulking  |  Tape Measure  |  Long Ruler  |  Level                    



2. Preparation

l  Clean the wall surface,make sure the wall surface is clean,dry,smooth,and free from dust,grease,wax,etc.

l  Smooth out any bumps on the wall.

l  Patch up and large holes on the wall.

l  Clean the back surface of the Wallrice 3D panels by wiping it with clean cloth.

l  Acclimate the Wallrice 3D panels to the room temperature for a few hours before installation.



3. Decide How You Want To Install the Wallrice 3D Panels

l  You can start at the upper left coner,upper right corner,or middle of the wall.

l  There are many ideas you can use to install the 3d panels,this instruction will be the same for all the different layout.3D WALL Installation Instruction02.jpg



4. Draw The Horizontal Lines

l  On the wall you want to install the panel,visually inspect the corner where the ceiling meet the wall.Identify the lowest point of the ceiling.(It is common to have a ceiling that is not perfectly level or even)

l  Put a panel up against (leave about 3mm space) the lowest point of the ceuiling and mark the height of the panel.

l  From the marking ,draw the level horizontal line across the wall with a level.

l  This way you don't have to cut any of the top row panel when install up against the ceiling,since it is high up and the gap is small,it won't be visible.

l  If the gap between the panel and the ceiling is too visible (not likely),you may need to fill it in with additional panel.

l  Draw one level horizontal lines for each row of panels.



5. Draw The Vertical Lines

l  Visually inspect the left corner where the left side of the wall meet the other wall.Identify the corner that is protruded the most.(It is common to have a wall that is not perfectly even)

l  Put a penl up against (leave about 3mm space) the most protrude point of the wall and the mark the width of the panel.

l  From the marking,draw the level vertical line across the wall with the level.

l  This way you don't have to cut any of the left-most column panel when install up against the other wall.

l  Draw one level vertical lines for each 3D panel column.



6. Laying The 3D Wall Panel

l  Grab the first Wallrice 3D Panel,peel off the protective cover of all the double-sided adhesive on the panel.

l  Be careful not to touch the adhesive as that will reduce its stickness.

l  Start from the upper left corner,line up the corner of the 3d panel inside the grid drawn.Make sure  all sides are lined up.

l  Push the panel against the next 3d panel so as to minimize the gap between each panel.Tap across the panel lightly to make sure it is secured to the wall.

l  Continue with more Wallrice 3D Panels both horizontally and vertically.

l  Leave the grid blank if there is a wall plug that you don't want to cover.The 3d panel can be intalled later after iti si cut to expose the plug.



7. Cutting the 3D Wall Panel

l  To Cut the 3D Wall Panel

1.       Measure the width & height of the area you need to cut the 3d panel

2.       On the back of the 3D Wall Panel you want to cut,use the ruler or taoe measure to measure and mark where to cut(Note: since some patterns are not symmetrical,make sure you cut the correct side of the panel to match the pattern on the wall)

3.       Draw the line to help guide where to cut

4.       Use the heavy duty scissor or utility knife to cut the 3D Wall Panel.

l  How to cut around the wall outlet

1.       Measure the size of the wall outlet(Add 1cm to each side of the wall outlet)

2.       Identify where on teh panel you need to cut,draw a box for the outlet

3.       Use a utility knife to cut an openong so that you can use thje scissor to cut a hole for the outlet

4.       The hole you cut on the panel will be about 1cm large than the wall outlet on each side.This is so that the 3d panel won't block any plug you use.

5.       After the panel is up over the outlet,it will be hollow around the outlet.To fill the hollow panel,use the wall filler.Push the filler into the hollow part of the panel and fill it up.

6.       Remove the excess filler and level it with the cut hole.

7.       After it is dry,you can paint over the filler.



8. Caulking

l  After all the Wallrice Peel & Stick 3D Wall Panels are installed,you may want to caulk the gap.

l  Make sure you use the white paintable caulking/sealant,It is best to get the non-shrinkable caulking/sealant

l  Apply the caulking/sealant to the gap between 3D Wall Panels.Use your finger to push the caulking/sealant into the gap

l  Use a wet cloth to wipe off the excess caulking/sealant

l  Wait a few hours for the caulking/sealant to dry completely before painting(If needed).



9. Painting

l  Depends on your applications,you can use any indoor or outdoor water-based or oil-based paint.

l  For best result,it is advisable that you apply the primer first,then the top coat.

l  Paint can be applied using brush,roller or sprayer(on same designs,roller is not feasible)

3D WALL Installation Instruction03.jpg

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